Here’s a brief history of who I am, what I do, and why we should be friends. I grew up in rural Illinois, detasseled corn, lived on Main Street and am still friends with my kindergarten classmates. Living in practically Mayberry, minus the jail, I was itching for more. I always knew I loved art and creatitivy, but I also needed to pay the bills. So off I went to study at Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati. That's where I delved into my love of fine art, design and advertising. In 1991, I graduated and landed a job as an art director for an advertising agency in Louisville, where I developed concepts for new business pitches, designed collateral and packaging, and was even selected to design the pins for the Kentucy Derby! After a year and a half of very little sleep and no money, I decided to make my way to Chicago, where I landed a job at a mid-sized advertising agency downtown. I continued to hone my skills as an art director, discovered what it meant to work with a copywriter and learned a ton about strategy and brand building. Two years later, I decided to try my creative hand at freelancing. I loved the idea of working more closely with clients, and—truth be told—being able to work in my PJs if I fancied. Violà! Since 1994, I have successfully worked with dozens of wonderful clients and agencies developing new business campaigns, ad campaigns, direct mail collateral and identities, and art directed incredibly fun photo shoots across the US. What a lucky gal I am to do what I love for a living.